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My name is Pietro D. Natalino, my friends just call me Pete.

Ahh, where do I begin? Hair, it’s my life - ever since I was an adolescent I have been around cosmetologists. Almost my entire family is in some manner involved in cutting hair. I’ve always had an intimate and involved upbringing, and hair along with that became a passion that I needed to fulfill. Once I became 16 years old I decided that becoming a stylist was something that I wanted to commit to.

I have been a stylist for over 4 years now and am completely devoted to it. I was a successful hair industry entrepreneur for 3 years, and have also worked with Farouk Systems for about 4 years. Farouk Systems designs CHI, Biosilk and other products that improve as well as sanction hair to be at its healthiest.

My dedication and creditability is to allow each individual to always look their best. I enjoy trying new and innovative techniques; everything from dry cutting and platform work to traveling around the world to learn and develop new skills. I enjoy demonstrating my artistic capabilities with all of my clients and give my unsurpassed devotion in all that I do. Once my clients get exactly what they expect and more, only then have I done my job!

With Love,

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